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"focused on the enormity of the very small"

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What's Mike's story?

My story, at least at its beginning, is one of constant change and of little structure. I attended almost a dozen schools from K-College, in both the US and Canada. I have lived in New Orleans, NYC, Hawaii, North Dakota, Quebec, Florida, Texas, Mississippi and now SoCal (with my wife, Lynda, and "Duncan The Destroyer", our new beloved Westie; we lost Max, the "Jumbo Westie" in 2009).

I, for the most part, raised myself from the age of 15, even though my parents did not pass away till my 20's. My early life was filled with fear, loneliness/isolation, desperation, rejection, insecurity and uncertainty. Thankfully, along with the misfortunes, I was gifted with keen survival instincts and a powerful curiosity. I decided to take a step back and ask "Why is my life, my society, my country, my world, even my species, the way it is?" The emotions of my life were too difficult to manage, so I turned my existence into an intellectual exercise. I shortened the question from "why me?" to just "why?". As I gathered experience and insights, I became a diehard optimist and my life began to become worth living. I had no idea at the time that my early life experiences were not as much about being something to endure, but rather they were a form of apprenticeship that prepared me for my future in both the capital markets and in an ever evolving world of innovation.

I have had many work experiences including shucking oysters, repairing global radio-navigation gear and managing over a billion dollars worth of investment portfolios for high net worth individuals. They were all challenging and enlightening experiences, but I think I learned more about life cleaning toilets and standing midnight guard duty at the US Coast Guard base on Governor's Island than I have in most boardrooms.

I served four years of active duty in the U.S. Coast Guard as an electronics technician prior to my financial services career. I have been a portfolio manager for over 20 years at five of the largest private banks in the US (primarily via mergers, not job-hopping) and have managed investments for both institutions and high net worth indivduals. I hold both a Bachelors of Science Degree in Finance and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

I became aware of nanotechnology in the late 90's by way of a client who was a major investor in, and on the board of, Carbon Nanotechnologies, Inc. (of which, Dr. Richard Smalley, the Nobel Prize winning nanotechnology researcher, was a co-founder). I have been fascinated with nanotechnology (if not obsessed) ever since.

I founded "" because I am an optimist, a believer in the promise of innovation and because I want to:

"Build Hope & Optimism, One Atom At A Time!"